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What to do after your adjustments to get the most improvements

Deciding to see a chiropractor is an excellent step towards better movement and better health. Taking this step stereo to along the path to restoring valance alignment and eliminating chronic pain.

After your Adjustment, you may feel amazing as your range of movement will be improved, circulation to local tissue is restored and muscles begin to relax.

You might even feel a little tender as we are changing areas of the spine that are not used to it

Read on for things you can do after Adjustment to enhance improve and make the most of the work we did on the table

Keep moving

After your adjustment, you don't want your body to immediately go back to the same position it was in. Avoid sitting for long periods of time, if possible, stay walking, go for a long ride on the bike or a walk along the Strand.

Keeping active his key other low Impact exercises to include are Pilates tai chi, swimming or yoga.

All of these can help to shorten your recovery time and boost a good effects of your chiropractic adjustment.

Drink water

You might already know that stored in the muscles as you use them day today are byproducts of exercise, including lactic acid. As your body moves differently after the adjustment the lactic acid is moved into your bloodstream to be taken out via kidneys

drinking water helps to deal with that

It's also a great habit to get into into as part of daily routine as dehydration is more common than we realise and causes fatigue headaches, muscle, weakness and more!

Do the exercises recommended

These exercises may at first be slightly uncomfortable. They may not feel like they are doing much at all but still important to do them as they're based on thy are based on your specific findings.

Rest and sleep

Very important after an adjustment, and also every day a.m. to get enough of sleep for you. The absence of good sleep disturbs circadian rhythms, which is linked to disturbances in hormonal balance, which slows and sometimes stops your body from healing.

Find a mattress and pillow combination that works for you. Ask us for recommendations on how to maintain good alignment during nighttime and get a good night sleep!


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