Keeping your back happy when you travel

Keeping your back happy when you travel

I travel the Flinders highway a lot so this topic has become even more important to me lately! And you might have noticed - Australia is a big place! Over the last 8 years I have gotten used to a weekend trip here and there involving 3 hrs or more of a drive to get where you're going. Just as well the scenery is easy on the eye!! In Ireland, you could drive the length of the country in 4 hours, here in north queensland we would do that to get to the next town so the difference in what is normal is really interesting.

Over the years I have seen many people who do a hell of a lot of big drives. Driving to mine sites, driving for work or for leisure. The constant sitting can compress the spine and contribute to movement problems and pain. This varies of course with the length of time sitting and sometimes - who you are travelling with!

Here are the best tips and tricks you can use to avoid upsetting your spine during travel.

  1. Take plenty of rest stops. 
  2. do a walking circuit of the car twice or three times in the rest stop
  3. use a back support to maintain your posture as you go
  4. angle your rear view mirror up to remind you to sit up
  5. share the drive with a partner / friend or spouse

When I moved to Australia in 2008, I found the travel very easy. It was like being in a hotel for 36 hours with constant room service. What I remember most was landing on a chilly may morning in brisbane at 7am then Townsville at midday and getting off at the back of the plane and thinking that the engines were blowing hot air on me! I think I have acclimatized a little. These days, with two young boys in tow, the travel to visit family is much more interesting!

Parenting challenges aside here are the best things you can do before flying that I see working,

  1.  ask for help - if you have heavy luggage or have difficulty walking try to get the golf cart they drive people around on
  2. Stand and walk in the terminal  or at the gate as we are sitting long enough on the plane
  3. remove your shoes during flight to allow for foot swelling
  4. actually do the ankle and foot exercises  as DVT can happen in people of almost any age
  5. recline your seat - dont be polite about it, your comfort is important.

by no means is this an exhaustive list of how to keep your posture healthy and spine happy during travel but its a good start. please feel free to add your own experiences or ideas in the comments below.

happy trails!


for more information see CAA website

Stress out / Back out

Stress out / Back out

Are you or is someone that you care about showing the early signs of burnout or breakdown?
The early signs of stress are subtle enough for us to ignore and commonly the diagnosis we recieve down the track never connected to the early warning symptoms.

These are the early warning signs you should not ignore

  • becoming forgetful
  • loss of clarity in thought
  • a flat mood
  • emotional episodes
  • loss of sleep
  • weight gain

Do you know someone working night shifts most of the time? it may be that going against the sun this wa throws more than just our circadian rythm out.

Stress fatigues the mechanism that holds your spinal alignnment.

Stress inhibits both digestive and immune function. That knot in your stomach when you go to a certain place your gut telling you that this place is bad for you. At the extreme end of it, stress can cause people to curl into a ball. If you notice your partner or someone you care about hunching or stooping check in with them to see how they are doing, they will usually say 'fine' so check in again. A chiropractic check can also help - call 0432147234 for help with this.

some of the diagnoses you may be risking include

  • osteoporosis
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • hormone imbalance
  • cancer

what to do about it

  1. have your spine checked with a chiropractor
  2. do exercise
  3. be aware of stress and how it shows up in you.
  4. Build up good social support around you.
  5. Be a source of support to people you care about
  6. make a sleep routine
  7. eat healthy food

Everyone has difficult days, if you are under stress even the simplest steps forward can seem too hard. If this is you, perhaps keep an ingredient list of what to look when you are having a hard day. Check which ingredient you missed and add as needed

recipe for a great day

  1. savor my food and drink and sights and sounds versus inhale method.
  2. relish the physical movements I do vs slouch along method
  3. listen generously to others vs wait for them to stop talking

Life is bland and dull to those who let it get that way. Every single day is a breathtaking miracle for the one with the eyes to witness.

For more information on stress and health here is a link to Australian Spinal Research Foundation



Headache is a very common and occasionally disabling condition. if you know someone who gets headaches, be nice to them or send them to this page. If you are prone to headache you may find this information useful.

It is useful to break down the different types of headache so as to understand the cause and if there are things you can avoid or include to prevent the headache from happening.

    although we sometimes act as though headache were an aspirin or neurofen deficiency, ironically, too many painkillers can cause rebound headaches.
    All painkillers serve to mask pain, better to look for the cause in your environment or in yourself.

    most common type of headache. sometimes called a muscle tension headache with pain over temples. responds well to most things ( heat, drinking more water, lens correction, ergonomic adjustments, chiropractic care)

    sometimes preceded by a visual aura or hand numbness, migraine is a throbbing, nauseating, light and sound sensitive headache that can run in families. Certain stresses can trigger it. Glaring lights, dark chocolate, too much screen time or perhaps even a certain person in the office.. (kidding) Get to know what stresses you and consider magnesium supplementation.

    Allergy and sinus infection causes a headache with sore eyes and a runny nose. there is often a low grade fever with this. If you get this and also smoke, giving up will allow your system to deal with allgergens before they cause this one.

    severely painful pain behind eye. Comes in clusters over a few days to a week and dissappears for several months.

With the adjustments I use, people find that when their spine is working better, and at home people are doing less of what causes the headache - the headaches are less frequent or with less intensity and sometimes will stop completely. If you know some one who has painkillers on their weekly shopping list or if you would like to be checked yourself do contact me.

Other avenues to consider may be a check with your optometrist. Tom and Allison Bennet at eyecareplus are great.

blog2 - preparing for your first visit

blog2 - preparing for your first visit


There is not a lot you will need to prepare to be ready for your first visit to the chiropractor. Arrive 10 minutes early so that you get a feel of what the practice is like and have time also to fill out your new client details. Excepting your contact details, the information that is most helpful to best results from care has to do with how you work, how you rest / play and how well supported you are both at work and at home. We are also interested in your health history as this may alter the style of chiropractic adjustment you receive. You are examined in your normal clothing but if it can be loose comfortable clothing that is better.

Pending your examination we may choose to have spinal images so that we better know what to do for you.. Our xray service is bulk billed. You can see our practice contact details and directions here.



From the age of two upwards it helps to explain to your child that they are going somewhere exciting to check and see if everything is working in their body. I have two kids and I understand how they can be, please know that I will make their adjustment a fun and interactive learning experience.

We never need to order spinal images on children. In the age group 13 -17 there is an exception - those adolescents who are showing signs of a developing scoliosis.


Most especially with newborns, please ensure Mum attends. No offence Dads. The red book is also a great source of information regarding your new baby. It is a good idea to give bub a sleep before the visit and also to give a feed.

Loose clothing is helpful. The one piece jumper suits are less helpful in terms of seeing the spine.

start now

start now

This is my first blog. It will not be perfect, it will not even be an excellent blog post but it just needs to happen, the movement  has to begin somewhere and what I am getting to know is that now is not just  simply a good a time as any, now is the best time.

As with any change that you make, it helps if you have good support around you. In opening Bamboo Chiro I have been very fortunate in the great people I have had around me. We all need support to make that first step, be it to see the chiropractor or to open a practice and once we have made the step we can see what it was we left behind. There is usually no looking back and this is why so many people choose to continue to include a chiropractic adjustment as part of their health regime. I often think it is like when you first try good wine ( I was a university student for six years so i had to wait a long time!) .- once you realize the difference between "okay" and "good" whether it is good wine, or good healthy food or a good morning walk or including chiropractic in your routine.. you wont look back.

Many people wonder if chiropractic is for them or who can it help. Chiropractic will help anyone who has a part of their spine that is working out of sync with the rest of the body. Restoring correct movement with chiropractic adjustments allows the spine and body to function properly. My adjustments range from finger tip light to traditional firm pressure.

The imbalance chiropractic corrects is often called a misalignment. they can be there for years and not cause symptoms. We may not perceive pain from one, we may only notice that we are less agile or more clumsy or the golf swing is off. The body almost literally loses sight of the part of the spine at fault because it has 23 other vertebra to work with. 

So chiropractic has the potential to help everybody - provided they have misalignment or movement problem in their spine. Call us today on 04321 47 234 or send us an email or facebook.